Seattle Recruiting

Hey Seattleites, Ex-Seattleites, and PNW-ers of Washington State:
Have you been Evicted, Priced Out, or Gentrified?

Share your Story!

The Conscious Maps Project is interviewing residents of Seattle and collecting stories. We want to hear your story about the rising cost of housing and living in Seattle. While the city economy grows, more people are pushed out. The stories of those people pushed out are part of what made Seattle. Those stories should not be lost.

We interview residents, immigrants, homeless, and low-income. Stories are shared via website and social media. If you are interested in sharing your story please comment below or use our Contact Info to email. You will need to sign a consent form for this interview, draw on a map, and tell any story you like. This is unpaid research.

Please email me to sign up, and share with your coworkers, friends, and social media. We want to share everyone’s stories!!

Thank you!!


Mapping Urban Social Issues

IMG_7140The Conscious Maps Project interviews people, collects their stories, and adds them to an interactive map. Our purpose is to share stories of people across the city and deepen our understanding of a place. Understand the various lived experiences that all happen in one place.

We are currently researching urban growth in the City of Seattle and issues of gentrification, homelessness, vacancies, affordable housing, and other social justice issues.