Natasha P. Boyde is a writer, ethnographer, and creative cartographer. She conducts research on people’s experiences through interviews, participatory mapping, and qualitative methods, while immersing herself into the daily lives of subjects. A background in Urban Studies and GIS at the University of Washington sparked Natasha’s passion for social justice and community development. While at UW she conducted research at the Salishan housing project in Tacoma, Washington. She continued her studies on Salishan while attaining a Masters degree in Geography at CSU Long Beach. Through her education she built a framework for studying various urban issues through a geographic lens.

Natasha continues to research issues of marginalization, gentrification, immigrant rights, affordable housing, homelessness, and more in the City of Seattle. She is currently documenting peoples’ stories through interviews and renegade mapping. The efforts of the Conscious Map Project are to share unheard stories of Seattleites and to shed light on growing inequalities in the current growth of Seattle.

Natasha is available for freelance writing, research, and interviews. Contact her at



“My true passion in research is ultimately in mapping that which is perceived as ‘un-mappable’. I am driven to discover new methods and ways to visualize the human emotional experience. I find that expressions of a space via stories, emotions, navigation, movement paths/patterns, and ideas of neighborhood boundaries, are valuable data. Data which are necessary to help us better understand a place. Cities and neighborhoods are organisms that constantly evolve, change, and re-incarnate and I want to explore these organisms in-depth. Researching urban phenomena require one to connect several dots to gain perspective on the big picture in order to successfully solve problems of all magnitudes.”